The annual Food and Fun Festival will be held in Reykjavik Iceland, March 2 - 6 2016.

Let’s eat and be merry

Food and Fun mixes outstanding culinary skills, fresh natural ingredients, Icelandic outdoor adventure and the world-famous Reykjavik nightlife to create the ultimate recipe for fun.

The core element of the festival involves world-acclaimed and upcoming chefs from both Europe and USA collaborating with Reykjavik’s finest restaurants. Each chef is assigned to one of the participating restaurants, where they prepare a special menu crafted from Icelandic ingredients only, commonly held to be the best in the world by Icelanders. The menus are presented at all the restaurants for an entire week.

In addition, the chefs themselves are on site for three nights during the festival week. The second element of the festival is the chef competition, which takes place on the last day of the festival. The chefs compete by making three courses, made out of only Icelandic ingredients. The 2015 Food and Fun festival in Reykjavik will be in February 25th – March 1st. In the first weeks of January we will announce all the guest chefs and the restaurants particaping this year. 



Restaurants 2015

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Kjallarinn – Kitchen Bar, is a hidden gem in the cellar of the tourist information center in the center of downtown Reykjavik. Kjallarinn simply means “The Cellar“. The stylish yet warm surroundings is the home of some exciting innovations in both cooking as well as cocktails; inventions of Master Chef Eyjólfur Gestur in collaboration with the bartenders.

Collaborating Chef 2015 – Felipe Milanes



Munngælur / Amuse-bouche

Svatrótarsúpa, svartar trufflur
Black truffle and salsify soup

Forréttur / Appetizer

Humar í perúsku chilismjöri, jarðskokkar, rauðrófur, sellerýrótarmauk, sýrðar gulrætur og stökkt quinoa
Aji panca butter poached langoustine, sunchokes, beets, celery root puree, pickled carrots and crispy quinoa

Milliréttur / Intermezzo

Kartöflu “gnocchi” og reyktur þorskur, gulrótarmauk, svartrót, hreðkur, spínat og aioli úr þurrkuðum tómötum
Potato gnocchi and smoked cod, carrot puree, salsify, baby radish, spinach and dried tomato aioli

Aðalréttur / Main

Lambahryggur og “carnita” frampartur, íslenskt rótargrænmeti, geitaostskartöflumauk og kóríanderlambasoð
Rack of lamb and carnita shoulder, Icelandic root vegetables, goat cheese potato puree and cilantro lamb juice

Eftirréttur / Dessert

Súkkulaði tres leches
Chocolate tres leches

Blue Lagoon – LAVA Restaurant

LAVA Restaurant at Blue Lagoon combines modern design with the wild spirit of Icelandic nature. Built into a stunning lava cliff, with views over the lagoon, it is an unforgettable setting for a relaxed lunch, a family dinner or a romantic evening meal. Fresh Icelandic seafood is a key item on the menu best described as New Nordic with an international flair. The stunning view from the restaurant is an excellent augment to the fresh ingredients which are the substance of our cuisine.

The team
Head chefs, Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon, Viktor Örn Andrésson and Ingi Þórarinn Friðriksson, lead a team of chefs focused on providing an exceptional dining experience. Two of them are members of the Icelandic culinary team and Þráinn is the captain of the team. Furthermore, Viktor was selected Iceland’s Chef of the Year in 2013 and the Nordic Chef of the Year in 2014.”

Collaborating Chef 2015 – Michael Wilson


 MENU 2015

Crab Salad
Cold pressed kale juice, preserved lemon, trout roe, rye bread, compressed apple and sea buckthorn.

Beef + Barley
Birch glazed beef short rib, puffed barley, marrow, spruce tips, juniper and beef broth

Vegetal Centric

Lamb Sirloin
Skyr marinated lamb, lamb tortiere, spiced tomato

Maple Tasting (maple syrup in snow) Tière de Neige
spiced cake, walnut streusel, maple skyr, poached pear and maple ice cream


Smurstöðin is an elegant, newly opened restaurant at the ground floor of Harpa. Smurstöðin only uses Icelandic grown and harvested ingredients which are the cream of crop at any given time. The menu’s main fare are open faced sandwiches in the style of the New Nordic Cuisine Movement.

The foundation of the menu was developed in close collaboration with Almanak restaurant in Copenhagen and the Danish chef, Claus Meyer, who co-founded the gourmet restaurant Noma.

Treat your palate to something truly riveting!

Collaborating chef 2015 – Frida Ronge

MENU 2015

Deep fried salmon skin ”grav lax” (soy sauce and mirin) ponzu marinated salmon roe and shiso

Artic char, artic char roe, daikon, cucumber, sesam seeds, smoked soy sauce, deep fried Icelandic seaweed

Soba noodels & Scallop
Scallop, scallop dashi, soba noodels, wakame, pickled shiitake

Salted cod with dill, tamago and chives, deep fried cod skin
Gunkan maki
Cucumber, panko deep fried cod liver
Tempura deep fried cod cheek, pickled red onion, siracha chili sauce & green shiso leaves

Beef tataki
Pommegranate, walnuts, brussel sprots, ovenbaked celeriac, kale shouts

Ice cream
Soy sauce and caramel ice cream, vanilla-marinated plums

Apótek Restaurant

Apotek Restaurant is a new and exciting restaurant located in one of the most beautiful corners of Reykjavík in Austurstræti 16.

The restaurant is casual-smart, offering delicious food in vibrant atmosphere and stylish surroundings.

The menu is a fun mix of Icelandic and European cuisine with a smoking hot Argentinean grill. Dishes are designed to share and enjoy together.

Stop by our lively cocktail bar where award winning “ pharmacists” mix together exciting artisan cocktails to suit every mood; painkillers, stimulants, tranquilizers and even placebos.

MENU 2015



Rautt Ceviche með risarækju, tómötum og rauðlauk


Laxa Tiradito Nikkei með engifer og avocado


Hægelduð svínasíða með nektarínumauki og laukseyði


Salfisk “Cachi” með volgu epla og kartöflusalati


Lambakóróna með söltu Patagonian eggaldin, brúnuðum gulrætum og “Chimichurri”sósu

 Og að lokum…


Balcarce- kaka með Dulce de leche kremi og mjólkur-crumble

KOL Restaurant

KOL Restaurant is at Skólavörðustígur 40 in 101 Reykjavik. The design of the place was in the hands of Leifur Welding and the philosophy of the design is to create a warm modern style with International vibe where lights and furniture come from Tom Dixon.

The Restaurant is on two floors and rooms around 100 seats. On the entrance floor the bar greets you along with the lounge area which have comfortable benches and booths with big windows facing the street and into the back yeard where the oldest horse stable in Reykjavik had its home. You walk down the stairs to the ground floor where the open kitchen is located and it is sourrounded with glass wallswith little french windows style. In that area the guests can see the chefs in action preparing the wonderful dishes. In the dining room are booths and benches along with a big table. A wooden floor is on both floors with fishbone patterns and is that on the concrete walls around the restraurant. The combination with the lighting and furniture gives you a warm and cozy feeling.

Collaborating chef 2015: Robin Gill (UK)

MENU 2015

Súrdeigsbrauð, kjúklingaskinn og heimalagað smjör

Leturhumar, skyr, sjávarþang

Eplaviðarreyktur áll, hnúðkál, dill, stökkur laukur

Dádýr, reykt rjúpa, toppkál og rauðrófur

Græn epli og túnsúrur


Kopar is a newly opened restaurant located at the old harbour in downtown Reykjavik.

The idea

Surprise and seductive are the keywords at the bar. Traditional cocktails meet new waves of the cocktail world. The pride of the bar is the Icelandic fisherman’s Collection, a wall with an incredible selection of cognac and whiskey.


Experience of restaurants is put together of different things. Of course the food is the most important, but service, company and environment is also very important. Kopar is influenced by its environments. The old harbour, the ships, the vibrant city centre, old and new in a surprising mix.

The food

What makes Kopar special are the exciting ingredients and the variety of dishes. On the menu, new and old methods and recipes meet, traditional ingredients and surprising ones. Kopar is for example the first restaurant in Reykjavík to serve Icelandic rock crab.

Collaborating Chef 2014: Ronny Kolvik (Norway)
Collaborating Chef 2015: Michael Ferraro (USA)

 MENU 2015

Lynghæna & hangið svínalæri


Borin fram með sætri ponzu sósu, avócadó og ristuðum heslihnetum.

Humar risóttó

Með parmesan jus, blaðlauk og konfekt tómötum.

Blóðbergs ilmaðir lambaskankar

Með karmelluðu blómkáli, íslenskum gulrótum,

stökku kjúklingaskinni og lamba jus með rósmarín.


Með Grand marnier sósu, skyrbúðingur og bláberjaís með möndlusnjó


Sushi Samba offers a unique fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine combined with the freshness of Icelandic ingredients. The Sushi Samba menu is created to fully capture and draw from those influences and offers a wide array of great selections, exciting small courses, new style sushi and even a steak platter.

Collaborating Chef 2014: Scott Hallsworth (UK)
Collaborating Chef 2015: Douglas Rodriguez

MENU 2015

Grilled sour dough bread with chimichurri

Cod brandade with poached egg and smoked tomato jam

 Stone crab maki

with truffle ponzu, cilantro and avocado

 Trio of ceviches

Arctic char with tangerine and yuzu
Plaice with aji amarillo
Langoustine jalapeño and avocado

Foie Gras & fig empanada

with duck ham and lemon vinaigrette

 Sugarcane tuna

with moros and sofrito salsa

 Oxtail croquettes

with bone marrow and sliced beef rib eye

Guava & pistachio pastel

with sage marshmallow and pistachio ice cream


We are all so lucky to have the opportunity to present both excellent chefs from The Flying Elk in Stockholm preparing great food, and exciting new drinks made by the bar manager Viktor Hägglund at one of Copenhagen‘s popular bars: Holmens Kanal.

Fredrik Uppling, 26 years old, has worked at The Flying Elk for over a year and as a junior sous chef for the last 3 months. Previously he has worked at Ulla Winblad, Proviant, Edsbacka Wärdshus and Nosh and Chow.

Michael Kollar, 25 years old, has worked on The Flying Elk for almost two years. Has worked on Grand Hotel Stockholm and Nosh and Chow before. Promoted to sous chef in August 2014.

The Flying Elk is located in Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm. It is inspired by a blend of Swedish culinary tradition and British pub culture. This is the place to experience the artisanal cuisine of the starred restaurant but in a simpler, somewhat more relaxed version. See our Food and Fun Menu below.

The bar Holmens Kanal is located in the center of Copenhagen Denmark and is known for its seasonal house-made spirits and cocktail ingredients from local areas. This brassy bar opened in 2013 and recreates a classic American cocktail bar from the first golden era of cocktails. It is already shifting the way Copenahageners drink: one well made cocktail at a time.

Viktor Hägglund, the bar manager will be making amazing cocktails for our cocktail curious Slippbar guests. He mainly use Geranium Gin as substance for the cocktails.

Henrik Hammer is an enthusiastic ginologist, having specialized in gin production, variations, brands, tastings, history and more. He will be arriving at Slippbarinn with Holmen Kanal‘s team and do the Gin magic! His objective is to educate people about gin as well as to in general extend the knowledge about gin. He is the creator and owner of the brand Old English Gin and Geranium Gin and founder of The Gin Cocktail Competition. He regularly judges international wine and spirit competitions and lectures at gin seminars and master classes.

Food and Fun Menu: ISK 8500 – Aperitive included.

Valid from Friday 27 February –  Sunday 1 March.

Tartar of beef with foie grais carpaccio & spinach sallad
Raw button mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise, bread crumbs & pickled onions
Pan fried scallops with winter truffle from Perigord
Truffled scrambled eggs, ”pommes paille” & brown butter
Plaice baked with seaweed butter
Pan fried cabbage, vongole mussels and green beans
Sticky toffee pudding
Butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream, roasted hazelnuts & peanuts

Cocktail Menu

Valid Thursday 26 February – Sunday 1 March
Old Fashioned Brain Wash
Sheep brain washed Old English Gin with a dash of Birkir
Zap Martini
Geranium Gin with elderflower infused Icelandic birch zap
Amber Martinez
Old English Gin with Italian vermouth and Amber liqueur
Home Made G&T
Geranium Gin and homemade Indian Tonic Water
Slip’inn Oyster
Red Snapper chasing Oyster
Price: ISK 1500

Steikhúsið / The Steakhouse

Steikhúsið simply means “The Steakhouse” and that underlines the goal, to focus solely on steaks.

The Steak House is in the middle of Reykjavik, opposite the old harbour which has recently formed into a lively neighborhood of restaurants, cafes, artasian stores and work shops. When you visit, remember to try the “28 days” tendered meat. The heart of the place is a coal oven from Mibrasa, Spain. It is only fitting to use coal for grilling at the Steakhouse, since the building housed a blacksmith and metal works in the old days.

Collaborating Chef 2014 – John Mooney
Collaborating Chef 2015 – Hamilton Johnson


MENU 2015

Pikklaður leturhumar, dill majó, smárauðrófur, stökkt grænkál, rúgmulningur, smjörfleytir

Pickled langoustines, dill mayo, baby beets, crisp kale, rye crumble, farm butter emulsion

Pancetta vafin blálanga, sætkartöflu fondue, pikklað sellerý, silungahrogna-sítrus sýrður rjómi, veloute

Pancetta wrapped blue ling, sweet potato fondue, pickled celery, trout roe-citrus creme fraiche, veloute

Nautalund, merg-steinselju hjúpur, hvítkál, foie gras, nípu marmelaði, kóríander-nauta djús

Beef tenderloin, marrow-parsley crust, cabbage, foie gras, parsnip marmalade, coriander-beef jus

Súkkulaði bergamot ganache, ristað skyr, birki marengs, súrur, ís úr brúnuðu smjöri

Chocolate-bergamot ganache, toasted skyr, birch meringue, sorrell, brown butter ice cream


Nautholl opened in January 2010. It features modern Icelandic cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients,  in-house production and casual atmosphere. Nautholl is situated on the outskirts of Öskjuhlid, Reykjavik’s downtown nature paradise, overlooking Reykjavik Thermal Beach. The view and the setting is more reminiscent of a rural destination restaurant, rather than a high class bistro that is only a 5 minute drive from downtown Reykjavik.

Collaborating Chef 2010: Jason Wilson
Collaborating Chef 2011: Bengt Sjöstrom
Collaborating Chef 2015: Atli Már Yngvason

MENU 2015


Íslenskt ígulker, fennika og kál


Saltfiskbollur “Takoyaki”, harðfiskur, og íslenskt söl

Fersk vorrúlla, linskelskrabbi, lárpera og löjrom


Þorskur, grænkál, fáfnisgrassósa og nautabeinmergur


Kóreanskt BBQ með íslensku grísakjöti frá Ormstöðum, chili majónes, kimchi, kasjúhnetur og salat.


Engiferjógúrtís, saltkaramella, epli og heslihnetukex.

Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant, the in-house restaurant at Grand Hotel Reykjavík offers an exclusive a la carte menu, with varied and delicious meals to suit every taste, whether you prefer a quick bite or a full 5-course menu. Besides international favorites, the chefs offer mouth-watering recipes, fresh Icelandic lamb and seafood specialities. With a true passion for food, we pride ourselves on offering a choice of dishes, cooked from the finest and freshest ingredients.

Collaborating chef 2010: Johan Gustafson
Collaborating chef 2011: David Britton
Collaborating chef 2014: Daniel Kruse
Collaborating chef 2015: Philip Scheel Grønkjær

MENU 2015

Steiktur leturhumar, lardo, blaðlaukur, verbena, söl
Icelandic langoustine, lardo, leeks, verbena, seaweed

Tartar úr grillaðri folaldalund, fáfnisgras, skarlottulaukur, ediksduft
Tartar of grilled horse loin, tarragon, shallots, vinegar powder

Fennelgrafin léttsteikt bleikja , gljáð smágrænmeti, chili-krem
Fennel cured arctic char, mini vegetables, mild chili sauce

Lambahryggvöðvi, hey, sellerýrót, sólselja, súrmjólk
Lamb, celery, hay, buttermilk, dill

Hvítt súkkulaði, skyr, rauðrófur, sítrónuolía
White chocolate, skyr, beetroot, lemon oil
8.500 Kr.

Með völdum vínum / With selected wines 16.900 Kr.

Réne Muré Signature Pinot Gris, France
Casa Poggio Al Casone Chianti Superiore, Italy
The Wolftrap White, South Africa
Paul Jaboulet Muscat Beaumes De Venice, France


VOX Restaurant, at Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, is a seasonal restaurant that places New Nordic Cuisine in the forefront. The restaurant vows to keep the path from nature to plate as short as possible, nurturing a direct contact with hunters and fishermen, farmers and experts on spices and berries in the highlands. VOX Restaurant brings you the taste of nature all year round in highly contemporary cuisine, based on local and Nordic ingredients. The result is a New Nordic Cuisine with national roots, served by expert staff in cool, comfortable surroundings.

Collaborating chef 2010: Allan Paulsen – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2012:  Jakob Mielcke – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2013: Esben Helmboe Bang – Norway
Collaborating chef 2014: Sven Erik Renaa & Fredrik Log – Norway
Collaborating chef 2015: Hussein Mustapha

MENU 2015


Ostrur – kál & krem

Takoyaki – smokkfiskur & bonito


 Hörpuskel – Mysa, rækja & þang

Skötuselur – Ponzu, shiso & gerjuð seljurót

Dúfa – Sólber, pak choi & bjarnalaukur

Möndlur – tonka-marengs, lychee & hvítt súkkulaði

Sjávargrillið / The Seafood Grill

The story begins in 2000 when a young lad from Húsavík, a little fishing town up north, was awarded the title “Chef of the year”. The young master chef Gústav Axel Gunnlaugsson has had a passion for food since early childhood but the biggest dream was always of a restaurant of his own. As soon as you find your seat at Sjávargrillið, you realise that the restaurant is a dream that has come true.

Collaborating chef 2012: Matt Kuhn – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Henry Tikkanen – Finnland
Collaborating chef 2014: Hamilton Johnson – USA
Collaborating chef 2015: Heikki Liekola – Finland

MENU 2015

Leturhumar,  hvít rifsber & fennika

Rófa með reyktu eggi & kjúklingaseyði

Grillaður lambahryggvöðvi,
lambatunga & steinselju  bankabyggi

Skyr með hafþyrnisberja, karmellu og lakkrís  múslí

Satt Restaurant

Satt Kitchen offers daily menu that emphasis the best fresh, light Icelandic  cuisine. They bake traditional Icelandic breads and sweets daily, squeeze their own juices and use locally grown and sourced vegetables, fish and meats in their salads and soups.

Their own Communal table is a centerpiece of the dining area, where hotel guests can mingle with the locals or groups can gather in one place. The open kitchen lets you watch as they prepare your meal from scratch.

Satt possesses its own Icelandic culinary style, sense of place and talented executive chef. Their passion lives in fresh and organic ingredients, local flavours and warm thoughtful service.

Collaborating chef 2012: Sarah Helen Biglan – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Kyle Bailey – USA
Collaborating chef 2015: Alberto Navarette

 MENU 2015

“Soup” Tuscan Ribollita

“Beet salad” Green beans, Fennel, avocado, Roquefort vinaigrette

“Arancini” Saffron rice fritters, Mushrooms, Seafood Bolognese

“Scottadito”   Grilled Lamb chops, Tuscan bean Ragu, kale, butternut squash, Mint Salsa Verde

“Tiramisu” Espresso soaked lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cheese, Shaved Chocolate



At Kolabrautin you’ll find traditional, regionally sourced ingredients, prepared with influence from modern Italy. Through thousands of years the Italians have mastered the culinary art of making fresh produce shine through simple and unpretentious cooking, enhancing its quality, taste and characteristics. Kolabrautin seeks inspiration in that love of freshness and respect for food, whether it be a simply beautiful carrot straight from the soil or a magnificent halibut caught earlier today.

Kolabrautin is on the 4the floor of Harpa, Reykjavik´s striking new concert hall. Through it’s striking glass façade, designed by Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, guests also enjoy a magnificent view of the Reykjavik Harbour and befitting its location Kolabrautin also has one of the city’s best bars.

Collaborating chef 2012: Jennifer Jasinki – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Scott Hallsworth – UK
Collaborating chef 2014: Alessandro Gavagna – Italy
Collaborating chef 2015: David Tamburini – Italy

MENU 2015

Fyrsti réttur

Ofnbakaður kolkrabbi, borinn fram með mjúkum og stökkum kartöflum og grænni ólífusósu.

Roasted octopus, served with soft and crisp potatoes and green olive sauce.

Annar réttur

Tortelli með Ragusano-osta fyllingu, borið fram með safa úr bökuðum lauk og villi fennel.

Ragusano filled Tortelli, served with juice of baked onion and wild fennel



Reyktur nautahryggur, borinn fram með brenndum eggaldin og reyktum safa ásamt árstíðar tómötum.

Wood smoked fillet of beef, served with burned aubergine, smoked juice



1001 Nótt
Kyrrfryst hunang og sesam með sítrus.

1001 Nights
Sesame and honey semifreddo and bitter lemon.

Höfnin / The Harbour

Höfnin or The Harbour is a traditional Icelandic restaurant where the best ingredients available are used and where quality and reasonable prices go hand in hand.

Brynjar Eymundsson C.M.C. chef and his family launched the restaurant in the spring of 2010. Brynjar has been involved in the dining industry in Reykjavik for many decades.

His son Logi Brynjarsson is the headchef at the restaurant and a member of the Icelandic Junior Culinarie Team. Our most popular dishes include lobster, mussels, plaice, trout and Icelandic lamb.

Smaller dishes and salads are a great choice to have on our patio on sunny days. We offer lunch specials daily. We also offer great coffee and traditional Icelandic pastries just like mom made.

Warm atmosphere await you at Höfnin restaurant.

Collaborating chef 2012: Michael Ferraro – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Morten Rapstad – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2014: Alvaro Garrido – Spain
Collaborating chef 2015: Tim Kuklinski

MENU 2015

Selleríkrem, salvía
Bleikja Crudo
Reykt bláskel, fennelhlaup
Valhnetur, jarðarber, piparrótarskyr
Risotto, roðarunnaepli, bygg
Súkkulaði og sítrus

Grillið / The Grill

Grillið has been one of the finest restaurants in the city for over five decades. The culinary team consists of master chefs that use their passion, talent and experience to create innovative highly seasonal menus, inspired by new European cuisine and the best Icelandic ingredients.

Each season the chefs specially select the very best local produce directly from the farmers to perfect their dishes.

Situated on the top floor of the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, it has an excellent panoramic view of Reykjavik in warm and intimate surroundings. Head chef is Sigurður Helgason.

Collaborating chef 2010: Ben Pollinger
Collaborating chef 2012: Rubert Blease – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Paul Cunningham – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2014: Paul Cunningham – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2015: Paul Cunningham – Denmark

MENU 2015

Grafinn lax, ostrukrem, dill & rúgbrauð

Kjúklinga velouté, steiktur leturhumar & valhnetur

Nautalundir bordelaise, reyktur mergur, fondant kartafla

Bakað epli, epla cider sorbet, brique galette

Reykt sítrónu baka & laphroaig toffee

Gallery Restaurant – Hótel Holt

An unforgettable experience.

The Superb cuisine is inspired with French culinary tradition and we enjoy sharing our passion for wine and food with our guests. Our impressive selection of over 4000 vintage of wines puts Hotel holt in a league of its own. All this and more attests to the exceptional quality of this fine restaurant.

The chef la cuisine is Mr. Fridgeir Ingi Eiríksson recently returned from France. There he was in charge by the Michelin restaurant – Clairfontaine in Lyon in France last 5 years.
The Restaurant Gallery has been renowned for its art, outstanding cuisine and impeccable service for over forty years.

Collaborating chef 2010: Marcus Jernmark – Sweden
Collaborating chef 2012: Adam Sabel – USA
Collaborating chef 2013: Olivier Roudon – France
Collaborating chef 2014: Erik Mansikka – Finnland
Collaborating chef 2015: Mark Lundgaard

MENU 2015

Ostrur með saltbakaðri sellerírot, sýrðum rjóma og fáfnisgrasi

Hörpuskel og kavíar fra Jacob Rossini ásamt reyktu smjöri

Bakaður þorskur og stúfaðar kartöflur með steinselju og kartöfluflögum

Lambahryggur og lambahjörtu, kremuð polenta og blóðbergsgljái með svörtum ólífum

Súkkulaðitart og sýrðar híbenurósir með vanilluís


The critically lauded restaurant Dill is an unique place – often mentioned as “an island” in Reykjavik restaurant scene. It’s reputation has gone far outside of the bordiers of Iceland for it’s exceptional approach of cooking and the using Icelandic ingredients.

The chef Gunnar Karl Gislason is one of the pioneers of the new wave of the pristine Icelandic cuisine and has mastered the role as one of leading chefs of the local food scene.

“We try to use what surrounds us and embrace our old traditions in our own way. We allow our ingredients to shine in their own simplicity without all accessories but most importantly we try to have fun while we are at it.”

Restaurant Dill and chef Gunnar Karl’s creativity cooking and have brought the philosophy of nordic food movement to other parts of the world with his bestselling and highly acclaimed cookbook “North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland”.

Collaborating chef 2010: Pekka Terävä
Collaborating chef 2012: Claus Hendriksen – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2013: Fredrik Berselius – Denmark/USA
Collaborating chef 2014: Mats Refslund – Denmark/USA
Collaborating chef 2015: Even Ramsvik – Denmark

MENU 2015




Súrsuð gulrót – fersk ostur – kúmen

Pickled carrot – fresh cheese – caraway seeds


Ristað brauð – bjór mustarður – grillaður ostur – pylsa

Toast – beer mustard – grilled cheese – sausage


Rauðbeður – kjúklingalifur – ristað ger

Beetroot – chicken liver – roasted yeast


Stökksteikt kjúklingaskinn – reyktur áll – lauk duft

Crispy chicken skin – smoked eel – onion powder



Litli – The Small


Hrá rækja – frosinn skelfiskur – miso – steinselja

Raw shrimp – frozen seatextures – miso – parsley


Blaðlaukur – heslihnetur – löjrom – þari – sýrður rjómi

Leek – hazelnuts – löjrom – seaweed – sour cream


Steikt svína síða – kál – svartur hvítlaukur – svartrót – soðsósa – söl

Fried pork belly – kale – black garlic – salsify – pork jus – söl


Vetrar epli – græn einiber – frosin súrmjólk

Winter Apples – green juniper – frozen buttermilk


Verð fyrir mat: 8.500 kr

Price for food: 8.500 kr


Verð fyrir vínpörun:8.500 kr

Price for wine pairings: 8.500 kr


Stóri – The Big


Hrá rækja – frosinn skelfiskur – miso – steinselja

Raw shrimp – frozen seatextures – miso – parsley


Saltaður þorskur – sellerírót – epli – steikt þorsk krem

Salted cod – celeriac – apples – fried cod cream


Blaðlaukur – heslihnetur – löjrom – þari – sýrður rjómi

Leek – hazelnuts – löjrom – seaweed – sour cream


Rófur – rjómaostur – súrsæt DILL olía – hirsi

Rutabagas – cream cheese – sweet and sour DILL oil – millet


Steikt svína síða – kál – svartur hvítlaukur – svartrót – soðsósa – söl

Fried pork belly – kale – black garlic – salsify – pork jus – söl


Skyr – sellerý – ristaðir hafrar

Skyr – celery – roasted oats


Vetrar epli – græn einiber – frosin súrmjólk

Winter Apples – green juniper – frozen buttermilk


Verð fyrir mat: 11.900 kr

Price for food:11.900 kr


Verð fyrir vínpörun: 11.900 kr

Price for wine pairings: 11.900 kr


Fiskfélagið / The Fish Company

The people of Fiskfélagið are passionate about Food and fun, we can’t have one without the other. We have to enjoy cooking for the food to be any good and you certainly won´t have any fun if your food isn´t any good.Our staff are eclectic, passionate and fun and so is our atmosphere. They are vastly different just like salt and pepper but who can imagine one without the other. We want our dishes to reflect our character and that´s also the way we designed the restaurant. The newly renovated building has plenty of character all on its own. Like our staff the restaurant it self is a mix of this and that, fusing the old with the new. You will be served by people who may fight in the kitchen but with one goal in mind, to bring you the best quality of service and culinary.

Collaborating chef 2010: Marcus Peter Dybwad
Collaborating chef 2012: Frode Laupsa – Norway
Collaborating chef 2013: David Lundqvist – Sweden
Collaborating chef 2014: Thomas Laurentzen – Denmark
Collaborating chef 2015: Adam Dahlberg – Sweden

MENU 2015


Karmellaður humar borin fram með lárperu, greipaldin og humarseyði


Nauta tartar, vatnakarsi, ætisveppir og ristaðar möndlur og

Reyktar og kremaðar kartöflur í brendu smjöri með sænskum hrognum


Sótað og hægeldað lamb, blaðlaukur, íslenskar fjallajurtir og svartur jarðsveppur


Volgt súkkulaðibrauð, birki sýróp, mjólkur krapís og múskat



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As a host city you will find that Reykjavík will exceed your expectations in many ways. Reykjavík is a vibrant city with excellent infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, fine hotels, mouth-watering restaurants and easy means of transport. Iceland’s lively capital is a great place to explore and an ideal base for day trips.  Whether it’s sightseeing, outdoor adventure, relaxing spas or energizing nightlife, everyone finds something special in Reykjavik!

Close to nature

One of the best things about Reykjavík is its close proximity to nature. It is surrounded by water, amazing mountain views and wonderful green spaces. Within easy reach visitors can hike Mount Esja, play golf in between the lava fields, ride horses on black beaches, go for whale watching or drive snowmobiles over white icy glaciers. Active geothermal areas, spectacular mountains, mystical lava fields and more, all contribute to make Iceland a Natural Paradise. Take a deep breath and enjoy the nature.

Great place to shop

From unique boutiques to large shopping malls, Reykjavík City’s shopping options will dazzle you. The city is filled with Icelandic design, outlets, flea markets, book stores, gift shops, boutiques, antique shops, and gourmet food. Along Laugavegur the main shopping street you will find cool and classy home-grown shops, museums and cosy cafes making it the perfect places to mixing in with the locals. In shopping malls Kringlan and Smaralind you will find wide selection of well-known international brands, quality restaurants and cinemas conveniently situated under one roof. Don’t forget that tax-free shopping is available throughout Iceland!

Unique fashion and design

In recent years, the creative industries in Iceland have been flourishing. Reykjavík has become a melting pot of creative new enterprises showcasing the best Icelandic fashion and design has to offer. Icelandic designers produce range of unique fashion where originality, individualism and innovation continue to shape their collection. Whether it is unique Icelandic design, handmade dresses, carefully crafted jewellery; it is obvious that each product is the work of provocative and skilled designers.

Exciting Cultural City

There’s never a dull moment in Reykjavik. The capital of Iceland is a meeting point for different cultural trends with something new and exciting happening every day. Concerts, plays, festivals, exhibitions and films are just a few of the things you might find to entertain yourself while in Iceland. Reykjavík is home to roughly 30 annual events that celebrate food, fashion, music, films, literature and much more, attracting both local and international artists and guests. Check out the variety of events on and plan your cultural agenda.

Beautiful Museums and Concert Halls

Art lovers and history connoisseurs are in for a real treat in Reykjavík. They will find a wealth of exhibitions with Icelandic and foreign artists displaying their work in museums and galleries located all over town. The Harpa Concert and Conference Hall has been a striking addition to the Iceland and international cultural and conference scene attracting impressive cast of celebrated musicians and cultural icons to its halls. Those interested in books are in for a treat as Reykjavík is UNESCO City of Literature offering literary events throughout the year. There’s something in Reykjavík to keep your soul fed and nourished virtually every day of the week, all year round.

Colourful Nightlife

In Reykjavík you can have the time of your life if that is what you are looking for. Weather you go out during the long summer nights or during the cold winter nights you can always count on a vibrant nightlife. If you like to enjoy a gourmet meal in a fancy restaurant, listen to live music, have an intimate chat in a quiet corner, mingle with the locals or just dancing the night away, Reykjavik has it all.

Relaxing Spa City

A must for anyone coming to Reykjavík is a visit to one of the many thermal pools, filled with geothermal heated water. Iceland’s unique earth-warmed water and pristine air makes swimming and relaxing at our outdoor pools a luxurious treat. Don’t forget the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is only a short drive from Reykjavik. In Reykjavík, nature is literally on your doorstep and the energising experience of a day spent outdoors is not easily matched.